Houston Splash is a premiere urban LGBT event for the Southern United States. Houston Splash caters to African-American and Latino LGBT men and women from across the country. Ever year Houston Splash hosts more than 7,500 guests from varying segments of the LGBT community.

Houston Splash is hosted by Derick Miles, Sean Dawson along with Loud Inc. Loud Inc. is a Texas based Non-profit 501 C (3) community based organization. Loud Inc.’s mission is to improve the cultural, environment, medical and social health of gay men, lesbian and transgender people of African descent through a variety of programs and services. The opportunity for LOUD INC. and Houston Splash to join together made logical sense. Partnering two organizations dedicated to the mental, health, financial, and emotional progression of LGBT people of color.

Houston Splash is the driving force behind Houston’s annual Black Gay Pride Celebration taking place during the month of May for over 19 years now. Splash was originally celebrated as the opening day of Galveston Beach a popular Texas beach about 45 minutes outside of Houston. Eventually, more and more of the LGBT community joined in the event. A group of friends came together to throw a celebration on the beach, and a tradition was born. In 1995, Derick Miles and the late Clifford Hunter eventually took the event from being a single day into what is now one of the Nation’s Top Pride Destinations sharing the spotlight with Sizzle Miami, Atlanta Pride, and DC Black Pride.


Flyers, television, and magazines are the weapons of choice when it comes to tying what's going on in the world to HoustonSplash. Finding the latest party venues and trends while putting a spin on them is always a way to keep up with the changing times. The media and all its avenues are always in the mind of this brother.

A native of Denver, Co., Sean relocated to Houston Texas due to a job promotion. Bringing his marketing knowledge and an eye for the "out of the ordinary", Dawson added a twist to everything he touched. When it comes to hot layouts and catch phrases, here's where some of them were born. With the help of a few close friends, Sean collaborates to smooth the edges out on his sometimes-elaborate ideas. The HoustonSplash themes have started with a small flicker and soon the imagination spreads like wildfire. With new direction, the promotion of HoustonSplash grew from a weekend to a weeklong event. The groundbreaking presentation of this all started with the HoustonSplash brochure featuring "The Wedding ". The ball has continued to roll with themes such as the annual Strip Down in H-town, Mission Possible, Elements, and last year’s theme of “The Revolution.”

As everything goes to print, meanwhile, Sean makes certain every word is added to the HoustonSplash website. From cross advertising, driving directions, and informative readings, these few and more add that extra touch to the HoustonSplash website. After receiving the shipment of flyers, the real work starts. From Chicago to D.C., New Orleans to Dallas, LA and Atlanta; Sean and his assistant hop flights across the country to spread the word while tagging hundreds of cars at nationwide Pride events. Needless to say, Mr. Dawson stays busy all year long, and in the words of one of his flyers "It takes more than a name, to fill his shoes".


John Humphries is a longtime resident of Houston Texas. John has more than a decade of experience in politics, government, and non-profit organizations. He has a strong interest in HIV/AIDS funding for the black LGBT community of color. He became an activist in early 1990’s in Houston, Texas when he joined the African American Lesbian And Gay Alliance, later becoming the President. From (AALGA), Loud Inc., was born promoting Social Justice, Equality for the African American LGBTQ Community. John has been involved in a number of LGBT non-profit organizations during his professional career. During his time in Houston volunteer activities have included:

► Actively serving on the GLBT Houston Political Caucus, serving as Chair for the Election Committee

► Current member of HBAD Houston Black Area Democrats

► Current member of the Community Planning Group (CPG)

► Advisory Board Member of M-Society

► Active member of the International Federation of Black Prides, Inc. (IFBP)

► Former Ryan White Planning council, 6yr term he was Chair of Assessment Committee and Co-Chair of the Planning Council

► Former Jackson State University advisory board a CDC funded project for Men who have sex with Men (MSM)

► Served on the board of The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC)

► The AIDS Action Committee

► Fresh start Church board member a radical inclusive church and PODCC another inclusive church

► A current member of the Community Planning Group (CPG) And the list goes on and on...


Derick Miles, a native of Bastrop, Louisiana has been the driving force behind Houston Splash for 18 years now. Derick is a mild mannered and quiet man by day, but behind that gorgeous smiles lies a brother who is very passionate about Houston Splash and the LGBT community.

Derick is a former owner of club Incognito and was very instrumental in bringing forth new light to the African American LGBT partying scene. Many traditions in the Houston club scene were born here: The Firm, Mr. & Miss. Black Gay Houston, The Southern Divas, and many more.

Now, Derick focus is on making Houston Splash not only a place where beautiful people in the community party, but also a place where all can be educated on the issues within the community. He partners with great organizations, such as THE AIDS FOUNDATION- HOUSTON, to ensure that during the events of Houston Splash there is an opportunity for awareness. It takes all year to plan for Houston Splash, but Mr. Miles doesn't skip a beat. From contract negotiations, logistics, DJ's, dancers—Derick has his hand in everything.