Each year, individuals, corporations and organizations alike play an integral role in by becoming a Sponsor for our annual Houston Splash™ event.

Houston Splash™ is hosted by Sean Dawson, derick Miles and Loud, Inc. Loud, Inc. is a Texas based Non-profit 501 C (3) community based organization. Loud, Inc.'s mission is to improve the cultural, environment, medical and social health of gay men, lesbian and transgender people of African descent through a variety of programs and services.

Houston Splash™ is a pemiere urban LGBT event for the Southern United States. Houston Splash™ caters to African-American and Latino LGBT men and women from across the country. Every year Houston Splash™ hosts more that 7,500 guests from varying segments of the LGBT community.

Sponsorship includes cash donations, in-kind product donations, services and more. For additional information and a complete sponsorship package including benefits afforded our sponsors please contact John Humphries, Events Coordinator at 713.854.7088.



If your business would like to provide services or products as part of your sponsorship package, we will work with you to negotiate a deal that will maximize your exposure to our event attendees. For further information, please contact John Humphries, Events Coordinator at 713.854.7088.